Sus Amigos Income Tax
Est. 1984
Monday, December 31, 2007
Do you prefer  to schedule an appointment to prepare your tax return?

Currently, we have the following tax preparers accepting appointments:                                                         
Poly Lopez
Viviana Ruano
Diane Hernandez 
Anthony Solorzano

Please read the descriptions below and click on the one that best describes your tax situation.**

Individual Tax Return (Short Form): 
A person who will be filing as Single, no dependents. No deductions will be claimed.

Individual Tax Return (Long Form):
A person who will file Single,  Head of Household, or Married Filing Joint with either dependents or itemized deductions to claim. Itemized deductions such as having mortgage interest or having unreimbursed work expenses.

Individual Tax Return with Self Employed Income or Rental Properties:
The above description of an Individual Tax Return Long and in addition to that you will be adding self employed income earned through a Form 1099 Misc and/or you own multiple properties which you rent. 

Individual Tax Return and Company Tax Return:
You would like to complete both your personal tax return and your company tax return in the same appointment.

Company Tax Return:
You have a partnership or corporation

If you need further assistance you can call
323-589-2645 to speak with a staff member who can determine your needs and schedule your appointment accordingly.



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